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Reliability of Advanced High Power, Extended Burnup Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor Fuels

Final Report of a Coordinated Research Project

English IAEA-TECDOC-1865 978-92-0-101319-4
122 70 18.00 2019

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This publication presents a comprehensive summary of the technical work carried out under an IAEA coordinated research project (CRP) and provides an overview of Member States' approaches to mitigate challenges that are encountered in achieving reliability, sustainability and safety with advanced pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR) fuels. These challenges, which were discussed and analyzed by the CRP participants, include fuel performance degradation, insufficient availability of operating experience at high burnup and margin erosion by ageing.

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Fuel Burnup, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Fuels, Pressurized Water Reactors, High Power, CRP, Coordinated Research Project, Member States, Reliability, Sustainability, Safety, PHWR, Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor, Fuel Performance, Degradation, High Burnup, Extended Burnup, Margin Erosion, Ageing, Fuel Cycles, SEU, Slightly Enriched Uranium, BNA, Burnable Neutron Absorber, EFP, End Flux Peaking, NU, Natural Uranium, Fuel Bundles, MOX, Mixed Oxide, SCC, Stress Corrosion Cracking, Advanced PHWR Fuels, Fuel Concepts, Safety Margins, Design, Fabrication, FGR, Fission Gas Release, PCI, Pellet-Cladding Interaction, Database, Analysis Tools, CHF, Critical Heat Flux, CANDU, Canada Deuterium

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