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Guidebook on Spent Fuel Storage Options and Systems

Third Edition

Technical Reports Series No. 240

English STI/DOC/010/240/3 ¦ 978-92-0-135523-2

178 pages ¦ 74 figures ¦ € 66.00 ¦ Date published: 2024

Download PDF (7.58 MB)

EPUB format available (71.54 MB)


This publication is a new edition of Technical Reports Series No. 240, Guidebook on Spent Fuel Storage (1991). It aims to provide guidance on spent fuel storage options, describing the history and observed trends of spent fuel storage technologies, gathering operational experiences and lessons learned. The evolving aspects related to higher burnup and mixed oxide (MOX) spent fuel, and the extension of storage timeframes are detailed. It also includes information on the distribution of the current global inventory of spent fuel by storage systems, a description of (and terminology relating to) available spent fuel storage technologies and different storage facility locations.

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Guidebook, Spent Fuel Storage Options, Systems, Spent Reactor Fuels, Equipment and Supplies, Radioactive Wastes, Management, Spent Fuel Storage Technologies, Operational Experiences, Lessons Learned, Higher Burnup, Mixed Oxide, MOX, Spent Fuel, Extension of Storage Timeframes, Current Global Inventory of Spent Fuel, Storage Systems, Storage Facility Locations, Terminology, Spent Fuel Arisings and Trends, Safety Considerations, Surveillance, Maintenance, Repair, Data Preservation, Transport, Security and Safeguards Aspects, Economic Considerations, Future Developments, Fuel Types, Design Basis Accidents, DBAs, Spent Fuel Handling, Materials Performance Data, Wet and Dry Storage, Impact of Ageing, Cost Categories, Financing, Review

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