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Assessment of Post-irradiation Examination Techniques for Advanced Reactor Fuel and Materials


English IAEA-TECDOC-2035 ¦ 978-92-0-153623-5

118 pages ¦ 28 figures ¦ € 22.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

Download PDF (2.66 MB)


This publication has been developed based on the results of the Technical Meeting on Advances in Post-Irradiation Examination Techniques for Power-Reactor Irradiated Fuels and Innovative Fuels held in July 2021. It explores the use of existing and new post-irradiation examination (PIE) techniques for the study of next-generation fuel types. Specifically, this publication provides an overall understanding of what important performance parameters are typically studied for each fuel type to properly assess its performance, and what are the relevant PIE techniques required for the analyses. Its intended audience comprises nuclear fuel designers, manufacturers, operators, regulators, academia and policy makers who work with the nuclear fuel community.

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Assessment of Post-Irradiation Examination, PIE, Techniques, Advanced Reactor Fuel and Materials, Fuel Performance Parameters, Nuclear Fuels, Nuclear Reactors, Member States, Non-Destructive and Destructive Examination, Gamma Scanning, Profilometry, Mechanical Testing, X-Ray Diffraction, XRD and Transmission Electron Microscopy, TEM, Conventional Fuel Examinations, Accident Tolerant and Advanced Technology Fuel, ATF, Studies, Computer Codes, Fuel Design, Safety Analysis, Applicability, Fuel Models, PIE Capabilities, Prediction Accuracy, Verification, Validation, Fuel Analysis, Assessment, Nuclear Laboratories, Specific Fuel Types, Identified Gaps, Technology Readiness Level, TRL, Analysis Method, Prioritization Methods, Coordinated Research Project, CRP, Costs, Test Data, Harmonizing, Standardizing, Sample Preparation, Examination Processes, Hot Cell Destructive Examination, Development of Collaborative PIE Work, Presentations, IAEA Meetings, TECDOCS, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Cladding Burst Testing, Plasma Mass Spectrometry, Thermal Diffusivity, Focused Ion Beam, FIB, Innovative Fuel Developments, Review

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