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Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) Missions: The First Six Years


English IAEA-TECDOC-1779 ¦ 978-92-0-110615-5

52 pages ¦ € 18.00 ¦ Date published: 2015

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The IAEA Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) missions are designed to assist Member States in evaluating the status of their national infrastructure for the introduction of a nuclear power programme. From 2009 to 2014, fourteen IAEA INIR missions and follow-up activities were conducted in nine countries planning to implement a nuclear power programme and one country expanding an existing programme. During this time considerable experience was gained and this has been used to continuously improve the overall INIR methodology. This publication summarizes the results of the missions and highlights the most significant areas where recommendations were made.

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Nuclear Power, Nuclear Energy, International Cooperation, Nuclear Power Plants, Safety Measures, Radiation, Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review, INIR, Methodology, Member States, Recommendations

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