Coordinated Research Projects – Nuclear Security of Materials and Facilities Section

Preventive and Protective Measures Against Insider Threats at Nuclear Facilities

Coordinated Research Project ¦ July 2016 ¦ CRP Code: J02010 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Improving the Security of Radioactive Material throughout its Lifecycle, Associated Facilities, and Associated Activities

Coordinated Research Project ¦ April 2016 ¦ CRP Code: J02011 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Sustaining Cradle-to-Grave Control of Radioactive Sources

Coordinated Research Project ¦ January 2016 ¦ CRP Code: INT9182 ¦ Active

Nuclear Security for Research Reactors and Associated Facilities

Coordinated Research Project ¦ January 2014 ¦ CRP Code: J02006 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Development of Nuclear Security Culture Enhancement Solutions

Coordinated Research Project ¦ CRP Code: J02007 ¦ Closed

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