Improving the Security of Radioactive Material throughout its Lifecycle, Associated Facilities, and Associated Activities

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Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

22 April 2016


Active - Ongoing

Start Date

27 February 2019

Expected End Date

31 December 2024

Participating Countries

Republic of Korea
United States of America


The results of this CRP are intended to improve the security of radioactive material throughout its lifecycle, of associated facilities, and of associated activities. Specifically, this CRP will focus on several activities, including: an examination of radioactive material and current safety thresholds to validate if they are an appropriate basis for security: an assessment of security measures for  radioactive material in fixed and portable applications to identify gaps and develop solutions to address those gaps; and an analysis of how security measures are responding to identified threats. The results of the proposed CRP are intended to form the basis of guidance for States to establish and/or enhance their national nuclear security regimes for radioactive material and associated facilities. The CRP is open to institutes and organizations in IAEA Member States that will undertake experiments, research, and technical activities at their institutions aimed at identifying gaps in the security of radioactive material and developing improved solutions for bridging these gaps.  This CRP will provide opportunities for regulatory bodies, research institutes, producers/suppliers of radioactive material, device manufacturers, users of radioactive material, security technology developers to collaborate on the activities foreseen.


This CRP will explore methods for improving the security of radioactive material at all lifecycle stages, and of associated facilities and activities through an examination of targets, threats, measures, and junctures of increased vulnerability.

Specific objectives

To examine the gaps where protection of radioactive material is reduced and/or where radioactive material may fall out of regulatory control, and to develop guidance and/or procedures to address these nodes.

To study existing security measures for radioactive material in fixed and portable/mobile applications in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

To verify international guidance with respect to controlled radionuclides and activity level thresholds in order to determine if the safety thresholds are an appropriate basis for establishing security requirements; to devise a new list of radionuclides and/or thresholds for security purposes, if appropriate.

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