Preventive and Protective Measures Against Insider Threats at Nuclear Facilities

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Project Type

Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

14 July 2016


Active - Ongoing

Start Date

1 January 2019

Expected End Date

31 December 2023

Participating Countries

Russian Federation


The objective of the Coordinated Research Project is to enhance existing preventive and protective measures against insider adversaries to reduce the risk of theft of nuclear material and sabotage at nuclear facilities. 


To develop training, methodologies, and enhanced measures against insiders to reduce the risk of theft or sabotage at nuclear facilities.

Specific objectives

To develop a predictive model using psychosocial data that will improve trustworthiness programs at nuclear facilities. The predictive model (e.g., database, spreadsheet, graph) will use psychosocial data (personality, psychological, and social state of an individual) for trustworthiness programs at nuclear facilities in order to more effectively screen applicants for access and to increase the probability of detecting changes in behavior of individuals during employment that could indicate an insider threat.

Develop tools and methods for optimizing the use of nuclear material process monitoring to increase the probability of detecting theft. Develop tools and methods for application of process monitoring for nuclear security to improve detection capability for theft or diversion. Identify where improvement may be needed in existing process designs, instrumentation, or analysis algorithms in order to meet current and potentially enhanced detection goals in high throughput facilities.

Develop a risk-based analysis tool for selecting nuclear material accounting and control measures for specific facility types (e.g., research reactors, research laboratories, nuclear power plants, etc.).

Conduct research and development on technologies that will enhance the control of nuclear material and personnel at nuclear facilities. To research and develop technologies that will enhance the control of nuclear material and personnel at nuclear facilities, including the two person rule. This study should examine improvements in technologies for: tracking or controlling nuclear material; access to nuclear material or controlled objects (e.g., sensitive equipment or equipment prone to sabotage or theft); and access to sensitive areas by personnel, including control and tracking of personnel movements and enforcing implementation of the two-person rule.

Develop a predictive model for identifying colluding insider adversaries and improve measures against colluding insider adversaries. The predictive model (e.g., database, spreadsheet, graph) will aid in identifying colluding insiders that will determine how to apply measures against the insider threat that focuses on the colluding insider (a colluding insider refers to collusion between two or more insider adversaries and collusion between insider and outsider adversaries).

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