Development of Nuclear Security Culture Enhancement Solutions

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Project Type

Coordinated Research Project

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Start Date

21 September 2015

Expected End Date

20 September 2018

Completed Date

1 October 2018


In view of the critical importance of a strong nuclear security culture, there is a strong need to provide Member States with practical tools and approaches that they can use to apply the nuclear security culture concept to their activities. The primary objective of this CRP is to develop practical and effective solutions to enhance nuclear security culture within operating organizations responsible for handling nuclear and other radioactive material, as well as for associated facilities and activities under regulatory control. A secondary objective is to create an environment for the exchange and transfer of knowledge and experience, and to provide guidance on, and specific examples of, good practices in enhancing nuclear security culture. The shared outcomes of the CRP will serve to further improve nuclear security culture and address relevant challenges.


The main objective of the CRP was to develop practical tools to enhance Nuclear Security Culture and provide Member States with related support for the enhancement strengthening of their nuclear security culture. In addition, the CRP created an environment for sharing and transfer of knowledge and experience, and provides guidance on, and practical examples of good practice in enhancing nuclear security culture. The shared outcome will be utilize to further improve and address challenges to nuclear security culture.
In addition, some good practice of the Nuclear Security Culture Self-Assessment in this CRP was reflected to the document(NST026) before the publication as NSS28-T in 2017. Future more, the good practice of this CRP were reflected to the under developed technical guidance document(NST027: Enhancing Nuclear Security Culture in Organization Associated with Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material) which will be published in 2020.


This CRP was based on the guidance set out in the IAEA Implementing Guide Nuclear Security Series No. 7 on Nuclear Security Culture, IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 28-T technical guidance documents on Self-assessment of Nuclear Security Culture in Facilities and Activities, and other IAEA technical guidance document(NST027) under development.

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