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Nuclear Back End Webinar Series 4.3 - Safeguards Considerations in Radioactive Waste Management Planning


27 November 2023
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Duration: 1.0 hour

As states move to implement safe, sustainable, and secure radioactive waste management they must meet many requirements. One of the requirements that needs to be considered are the safeguards obligations on those wastes if they contain nuclear materials. These obligations can be more restrictive than even waste acceptance criteria and it is recommenced for the concepts underpinning them to be planned for as early as feasible in the waste management process. This incorporation allows States to make informed planning decisions regarding their radioactive waste management programme. This webinar gives an overview of safeguards in general and the concept of Safeguards by Design (SBD), information relating specifically to the interactions of waste and safeguards obligations including concepts relating to the termination of safeguards on conditioned waste forms, and an overview of available training and assistance available for Member States.

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