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Crisis, Risk and Emergency Communication: Anticipating and Navigating Challenging Circumstances


20 November 2023
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Duration: 1.5 hours

The seventh webinar in this series will focus on the importance and challenges of effective crisis, risk and emergency communication in nuclear power programmes. In the context of nuclear power, a crisis is an event that may negatively impact an organization’s reputation and could be characterized, for example, by a project delay or a cost increase. A risk is the probability of a specified health effect occurring in a person or group as a result of exposure to radiation. An emergency is a non-routine situation or event that necessitates prompt action, primarily to mitigate a hazard or adverse consequences for human life, health, property and the environment. During the webinar, international experts will present good practices, describe their respective experiences and talk about approaches that have been less effective. The webinar aims to support experts in governmental, regulatory, operating and other organizations, who are responsible for communicating on the many aspects of a nuclear power programme. By attending this webinar, participants will be able to:Recognize the difference between a crisis, risk and emergency in the area of nuclear powerRecognize the importance of long-term engagement with stakeholders to effectively prepare for crises and emergenciesDevelop mechanisms to prepare to communicate in challenging circumstancesIdentify approaches to build and rebuild trust.

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