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1.3 KMAV for Nuclear Education Providers


13 December 2021
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Duration: 1 hour

The webinar will provide an overview of the Knowledge Management Assist Visit (KMAV) methodology developed by the IAEA to develop a sustainable national nuclear education system and to appraise existing programmes to provide examples of best practice and suggest improvements.The webinar will provide professionals working in universities and nuclear educational organizations with the concepts and approaches used for the establishment of nuclear educational programmes to meet the national needs and to appraise existing nuclear education programmes using the IAEA methodology.By attending this webinar, participants will learn about:The tools used to help countries optimize their current resources to support the establishment of nuclear education programmes;The concepts and methodology used in the appraisal of programmes that can be used to support recruitment, pedagogy and curriculum development. Personnel working in universities and nuclear education providers aiming to establish or improve high quality nuclear and education programme will benefit from this webinar.

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