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3.3 New Publication - Methodology to Determine Critical Knowledge in Nuclear Organizations


15 December 2020
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Duration: 1 hour

*: Nuclear organizations managing their corporate knowledge assets must make an objective analysis in order to determine the knowledge they must manage over the lifecycle.  In this age of knowledge, the competitiveness and the future of nuclear organizations, are becoming more and more dependent on the knowledge that companies possess and how they use, share and protect it.   As a result, identification of the knowledge that is critical to the organization’s sustained safety, performance and cost competitiveness, plays an important factor.However, what constitutes critical knowledge is often not well known, understood or easy to define.  The IAEA is therefore developing a systematic methodological approach that is based on:• A specified evaluation and ranking criteria that helps organizations identify the critical, strategic knowledge that a company relies on and the individuals who are critical to its continued success;• Identifying he knowledge that is at risk of being lost;• Identifying the individuals that are at risk of being lost;• The mitigation of potential loss by the prioritization of actions. By attending this webinar, you will be able to:• Understand the importance of managing critical knowledge as a business risk factor;• Recognize the risk informed decision making process and graded approach for critical knowledge assessment and prioritization;• Broadly identify the steps of the methodology and evaluation criteria used to derive the heat map of critical knowledge at risk;• Explain how the findings of the critical knowledge assessment inform the KM strategy and other organizational processes.

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