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Nuclear Back End Webinar Series 4.2 - Nuclear Fuel Cycle Scenario Simulation


20 November 2023
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Duration: 1.0 hour

The simulation tools for estimating fuel cycle quantities in the front and back ends of the nuclear fuel cycle are important for policy makers and researchers to study the wholesome impact of a nuclear power programme in their country. IAEA’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulation System (NFCSS) tool is the only publicly available free of charge simulation tool for carrying out scenario analyses since 2005.Recently, this simulation tool has been upgraded for improved user experience and added features. It is being expanded to include a new set of modules for Gen-IV reactor fuel cycles.Focusing on the experience in nuclear fuel cycle scenario simulation studies, this Webinar is the 30th in the series of the IAEA Back End Wednesday Webinars. The invited international experts discuss the capabilities of different simulation codes including IAEA’s NFCSS and present current studies on FC simulation for Gen-IV reactor systems, multi-recycling and waste minimization. 

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