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Nuclear Back End Webinar Series 3.1 - 60 years of Spent Fuel Storage: Challenges and Opportunities


24 October 2022
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Duration: 1.5 hour

This webinar, focusing on operational experience, lessons learned, and R&D activities gathered during 60 years of safe spent fuel storage will be the 20th in the series of the IAEA Back End Wednesday Webinars. International experts will discuss the findings of a series of IAEA collaborative projects, undertaken over the last 40 years on this topic, on-going IAEA activities and the recently published Guidebook on Spent Fuel Storage Options and Systems. Challenges and issues being addressed will include spent fuel storage options, experiences in developing ageing management programmes to ensure transportability after long storage period, and the importance of characterizing spent fuel enabling integration of different stages of the backend of the fuel cycle, to avoid precluding potential options.After attending this webinar, participants will have an increased understanding of:Spent fuel performance during storage.Spent fuel storage options.Approaches to developing ageing management programmes.Spent fuel characterization methodologies and data management.

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