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Nuclear Back End Webinar Series 1.8 - Chornobyl NPP Decommissioning Progress and Prospects


4 April 2022
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Duration: 1.5 hour

The accident at Unit 4 of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in April 1986 left a devastating legacy that still poses challenges over 30 years after the accident.Over recent decades, a lot of progress has been achieved in dealing with the accident legacy, including major new ChNPP infrastructure projects such as the New Safe Confinement, Interim Spent Fuel Storage of dry type, and Liquid Radwaste Treatment Plant, all have been financed through multi-donor Funds managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Some additional facilities have been financed directly by the European Commission (including the ICSRM1), the United States and other key Donors. These facilities have provided the cornerstone for implementation of longer-term safe and secure management of radioactive waste and spent fuel.At this point in time, 35 years after the accident and 20 after the final shutdown of the last operating reactor, the webinar summarizes the progress of decommissioning activities and highlights major decommissioning challenges as well as approaches and efforts to overcome them.

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