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International Symposium on Education, Training and Knowledge Management in Nuclear Energy and Applications Successfully Brought to a Close


With the support of the IAEA through the Technical Cooperation Project RLA0048, the first International Symposium on Education, Training and Knowledge Management in Nuclear Energy and Applications was organized, as a regional forum to discuss challenges and achievements of nuclear education, training and knowledge management in the Latin American region. The meeting, held in Cusco, Peru, from the 22nd to the 26th of November of this year, welcomed 102 participants from 15 countries.

The symposium, which is part of a programme of activities from the Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (LANENT), was organized by the Peruvian Society of Radiation Protection with the support of authorities and professionals from the National University of Saint Anthony the Abbot in Cuzco (UNSAAC, Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco), as well as LANENT member institutions and personnel from the Peruvian Institute for Nuclear Energy (IPEN, Instituto Peruano de Energia Nuclear). Financial support to participants was contributed by the IAEA through the Technical Cooperation Project RLA0048.

There were a total of seventy-six contributions, either as posters or presentations. Central topics of discussion were radiation protection training, virtual courses and E-Learning, nuclear outreach and knowledge management.

A coordination meeting for the RLA0048 Project also took place in Cusco during the same week, to review the achievements of the project and prepare a final report. Activities to be included in the upcoming Technical Cooperation project RLA0057 "Expanding Education, Training, Outreach and Management of Nuclear Knowledge", due to start in 2016 were also discussed. Both projects have the objective of promoting and strengthening the development and dissemination of programmes for education and training in nuclear science and technology.

Fostered by the IAEA through Technical Cooperation Projects and Nuclear Knowledge Management Section regular activities, LANENT has achieved positive results over the last three years. The network increased its member count, carried out a larger number of training and education activities, including the production and sharing of e-learning material, and further developed its ICT tools, consisting of a web portal, a learning management system, and an integrated database on nuclear education and training to include data from all regional networks (LANENT, ANENT, the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology, and AFRA-NEST, the African Network for Education in Nuclear Science and Technology). Along the last three years, more than 30 professionals were also trained in managing nuclear knowledge and 15 teachers and trainers learned about the development and usage of e-learning techniques.

For further information on the Symposium and LANENT, please go to the following pages: http://www.lanentweb.org/es/simposio-gestion-conocimiento-nuclear-cusco https://www.iaea.org/technicalcooperation/Regions/Latin-America/News/12072015-RLA0048.html

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