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IAEA School for Drafting Safety Regulations takes place for the first time for the Asia and the Pacific Region


This January, the IAEA, through its technical cooperation programme, has held a School of Drafting Safety Regulations for countries in the Asia and the Pacific Region. It is the first time that such a School has been organized for Member States from this region. The School is recognised as an effective means to gain and exchange experience and knowledge in drafting and revising regulations on radiation safety with the help of international and IAEA experts.

Supported by extrabudgetary funds contributed by the Japanese government, the School for Drafting Regulations on Radiation Safety for the Asia and the Pacific region sought to provide participants of the selected countries with the support they need to be able to draft national regulations on radiation safety in accordance with IAEA safety requirements, while taking into account national legislations and priority needs.

The School targeted those Member States in which legislation addressing radiation safety is already in place, or which are in the process of establishing such legislation, but have not yet developed comprehensive radiation safety regulations in accordance with IAEA Safety Standards.

17 participants attended the School from a total of 7 countries: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Lebanon, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal and Thailand.

Through presentations and discussion sessions, the School provided participants with information and advice on the content and process of drafting regulations in line with relevant IAEA safety standards and, to the extent necessary, with other national regulatory requirements. At the School, participants spent most of the time preparing new draft regulations for implementing the respective national safety legislation of the participating countries, or revising regulations already in force which needed improvement.

"In Thailand, we are currently in the process of revising our radiation safety regulations", explained Danupon Nantajit, a participant from Thailand. "During the School, we reviewed our draft document and revised it in accordance with IAEA safety standards."

"We are drafting our first regulation on radiation safety", said a participant from Afghanistan. "During the School, we have worked on our draft and have gotten valuable input not only from trainers but also from other participants with experience in drafting safety regulations."

Through regular review and feedback sessions, participants had the opportunity to share their experience with each other. International experts were present throughout the duration of the School as mentors and guides, providing valuable advice in drafting realistic and appropriate regulations.

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