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IAEA Mission Prepares for External Events Safety Review of Turkish Nuclear Power Plant Site

WWER-1200 pressurized water reactor

The layout of the WWER-1200 pressurized water reactor. Four similar units are planned to be built at Akkuyu. (Image: Gidropress)

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s peer reviews help Member States determine if they are in line with the Agency’s safety standards, which is a set of more than 100 documents that reflect a consensus on what is considered a high level of nuclear and radiation safety.

For countries that are planning to build nuclear power reactors, there are several reviews that help ensure a high level of safety at different stages throughout the process. The Site and External Events Design (SEED) missions offer users support for nuclear installation site selection, site assessment, and design of structures, systems and components, taking into consideration site-specific hazards.

Countries requesting a SEED mission can select review modules to suit their specific needs. The Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) has requested a SEED mission to primarily review matters related to design of the planned Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) against external hazards.

To prepare for the SEED mission, a team of IAEA experts held a preparatory three-day meeting in Turkey earlier this month to discuss background considerations related to site selection and evaluation, as well as to review documentation of the plant’s design elements relevant for hazards.

The upcoming SEED mission, planned for July 2017, complements other IAEA safety review services requested by TAEK, including a review of its Preliminary Safety Analysis Report and a Probabilistic Safety Assessment (Level 1). It will also follow up on actions taken following a 2015 SEED review mission on site parameters relevant to design protection of the NPP against external hazards.

“Turkey’s active engagement with the IAEA on safety-related matters helps the country ensure that it adheres to a high standard of safety as it embarks on its nuclear power project,” said Greg Rzentkowski, Director of the IAEA’s Division of Nuclear Installation Safety. “We look forward to continuing our intense cooperation as requested by Turkey.”

Mehmet Ceyhan, the Head of TAEK’s Department of Nuclear Safety, said that the upcoming SEED mission would assist TAEK as it begins to assess of the construction license application for the site’s four planned WWER-1200 units.


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