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Belarus Delegation Discusses the Proposed Concept for Strengthening the Current National Nuclear Legal Framework


The Belarus delegation with a member of the Permanent Mission together with the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs. (Photo: IAEA)

From 28 to 30 May 2019, a high-level delegation from the Republic of Belarus visited IAEA headquarters to discuss nuclear law in the context of a proposed concept for strengthening the current national legal framework for nuclear and radiation safety.

Olga Lugovskaya, Head of the Department for Nuclear and Radiation Safety at Ministry for Emergency Situations, said the country is requesting support from the IAEA, including training at the IAEA Nuclear Law Institute. She noted that Belarus has implemented or will implement all the recommendations of various IAEA review missions (INIR 2012, IRRS 2016, EPREV 2018 and ISSAS which took place last week), in particular by enhancement of national legislation.

In expressing her appreciation to the Agency for the ongoing assistance provided to Belarus, including, technical cooperation and the implementation of the Integrated Work Plan for Belarus, Ms Lugovskaya said “This meeting has a special meaning for us and in this regard, the most important added value of the visit is related to the further improvement of the Belarusian law ‘on atomic power use’, as discussed during the meeting”.

Wolfram Tonhauser, Head of the Nuclear and Treaty Law Section of the IAEA recalled the country’s participation in past and current legislative assistance activities. “We hope that this visit will further contribute to achieving the country’s goals towards the enhancement of its national legal framework for the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear energy and look forward to further cooperation with Belarus in this area,” he said.

The meeting was held from 28 to 30 May under the IAEA Technical Cooperation project “Establishing and Enhancing National Legal Frameworks for Safe, Secure and Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy and Ionizing Radiation”.

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