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IAEA Support in the Caribbean Region

In the Caribbean region, nuclear techniques are helping address problems in food and agriculture, water and the environment, health and nutrition, industrial applications, energy planning and radiation safety. Many people around the world are benefiting from the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Programme. Learn about ways the IAEA provides support in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Belize and Cuba.

Thanks to our interview subjects (titles as at the date of the interview in 2019):

  • Wendy Harrison, National Water Commission, Jamaica
  • Geoffrey Marshall, Chief Hydrologist, Water Resources Authority, Jamaica
  • Miguel Soto, Farmer, Dominican Republic
  • Angel Estevez, Minister of Agriculture, Dominican Republic
  • Miguel de Paz, Chief Veterinary Officer, Agricultural Health Authority, Belize
  • Lisbet Díaz Asencio, Researcher, Centre of Environmental Studies of Cienfuegos, Cuba
  • Ernesto Pérez Padilla, Fisherman, Cienfuegos, Cuba

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