Fusion Energy

Helping make fusion a reality

Exploring Alternatives to Magnetic Confinement

Laser fusion, linear devices and advanced fuels

Demonstration Fusion Plants

A stepping stone to large-scale, commercial electricity production

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Safety in Fusion

An inherently safe process

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Burning plasma

A critical stepping stone towards fusion power

Moonshots and sure shots

Why fusion needs enterprises and start-ups

Safe to drink

IAEA News Story

IAEA-supported water treatment unit to make water from aquifers potable in Jordan

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Fusion generates four times more energy per kilogramme of fuel than fission and nearly four million times more energy than burning oil and coal. The current level of international commitment is bringing us closer to a fusion future than ever before. The IAEA is facilitating international coordination and sharing best practices in projects globally. In this edition of the IAEA Bulletin, you can read about the efforts of governments and about the growing involvement of the private sector in fusion. 

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