Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is a multilateral development bank, working to improve lives by promoting social and economic development in 57 Member States and Muslim communities around the world.

The IAEA and the IsDB have a longstanding, successful collaboration to support Member States of both entities in improving cancer control and expanding access to effective, safe and sustainable cancer prevention, diagnostics and treatment services.

In recognition of the increasing need of women affected by breast and cervical cancer, both organizations jointly launched The Partnership Initiative for Breast and Cervical Cancer Control in Low-and Middle-Income Countries during the 63rd IAEA General Conference in 2019.

How to Save 5 Million Women's Lives from Cancer

Women in many low- and middle- income countries lack access to lifesaving cancer care, particularly for breast and cervical cancers. This initiative intends to increase access to the diagnosis and treatment of these two cancers and builds on years of collaboration between the IAEA and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) to support common Member States in improving cancer control.

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