Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation (GACCF)

The IAEA and the Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation (GACCF) collaborate to help authorities in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) in the training and professional development of cancer care professionals to expand the access to effective, safe and affordable treatment for cancer patients, particularly women and children.

The two organisations cooperate to improve professional skills in radiation therapy and nuclear medicine through training courses and clinical education programmes, including e-learning materials. 

The IAEA and the GACCF also work together on mobilising resources to enhance comprehensive cancer control in LMICs, with the aim of expanding the number of cancer care professionals in radiation therapy and nuclear medicine and raising awareness of the unequal access to cancer services in LMICs. The collaboration between the IAEA and the GACCF is formalised through agreements signed in June 2021.

The GACCF is a United States-based global non-profit organisation that works with a large network of industry, businesses, and academia to provide oncology education programmes in LMICs. It organises and coordinates networks of cancer care professionals including doctors, nurses, medical physicists, dosimetrists and radiotherapy technicians, who implement and oversee workshops and training events in radiation oncology and related high-level physics.

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