Asia LEDS Partnership (ALP)

The Asia Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) is a country-led strategic analysis and planning process that promotes economic growth while reducing long-term greenhouse gas emission trajectories.

Collaboration between the IAEA and the Asia LEDS is established through a common understanding during the “Regional Conference on Aligning Corporate Sustainability with SDGs” held in May 2015.

The Asia LEDS partnership serves as a platform to promote and support low-emission development across the Asia and the Pacific region. The partnership supports peer-to peer learning, knowledge sharing, and improved coordination and cooperation among governmental and non-governmental partners to help Asian countries achieve transformative, sustainable economic growth in the 21st century.

IAEA cooperation with ALP in energy planning comprises the following areas: Curating online training resources for low emission energy planning and low emission land use planning; facilitating expert assistance for members and IAEA researchers from the IAEA Planning and Economic Studies Section in becoming part of the expert network of the REAL; participating in ALP’s events, and expert assistance for Asia LEDS Partnership / Energy Working Group Webinar Mini-Series.

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