Nuclear Security of Materials and Facilities Section

This Section is responsible for activities related to establishing and sustaining nuclear security systems for nuclear and other radioactive material in use, storage and during transport, as well as for associated facilities.

The Section’s activities include developing nuclear security guidance consistent with relevant binding and non-binding international legal instruments in the area of regulation, assessment, protection, transport, accounting and control of nuclear and other radioactive material and security culture, as well as assisting Member States in implementing the nuclear security framework.

The Section provides evaluation and assessment services, such as the International Physical Protection Advisory Service, and education and training. It develops methodologies and assists security upgrades related to nuclear and other radioactive material, to associated facilities, and to transport. It also assists Member States in improving their regulatory nuclear security frameworks, by conducting evaluation missions, training courses, workshops and technical meetings.

The Section, in collaboration with the Regulatory Infrastructure and Transport Safety Section of the Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety, provides assistance to countries through dedicated extrabudgetary Regulatory Infrastructure Development Projects (RIDP).

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