Many human activities release pollutants into the environment, where they become part of biological, geological and chemical cycles. The IAEA uses nuclear science-based tools to study these processes and helps Member States to deal with pollutants, radioactive waste and contaminated sites.

  • Pollution Air


    Air pollution is generally caused by industrial, agricultural and other anthropogenic (human) activities. The IAEA studies the natural processes that influence the pollutants’ global spread and their deposition rates on land and sea, to understand how they interact with weather patterns and how to mitigate their effects.  Read more →

  • Terrestrial

    Terrestrial environments are biodiverse and provide valuable ecosystem services. The IAEA uses nuclear and isotopic tools to study the impact and movement of pollutants in such environments, assisting Member States with risk assessments, environmental remediation, and planning for future industrial activities. Read more →

  • coastal and marine

    Coastal and marine

    Sustained pollution can damage coastal and marine ecosystems and jeopardise the livelihood of entire communities. By applying cutting-edge nuclear and isotopic techniques, the IAEA helps Member States accurately monitor pollution, minimise the impact of incidents and mitigate their effect on local populations. Read more →

  • Water Quality

    Water quality

    The quality of water is often compromised as a result of human activities and infrastructure, making the very source of life a threat to life. Nuclear techniques can help source water quality stress factors and offer insight into how to keep water fit for purpose and remediate polluted water.  Read more →

  • Radiological environmental remediation

    Environmental remediation aims to reduce radiation exposure from contaminated soil, waste storage facilities or other contaminated infrastructure, groundwater or surface water. Its purpose is to return affected lands and water resources for safe public use. Read more →

  • Environmental remediation for industry

    Environmental remediation for industry

    Radiation technologies have a successful history of innovating new products and processes that are environmentally friendly. The IAEA helps develop, demonstrate and deploy appropriate technologies to address evolving environmental challenges. Read more →


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