Waste Technology Section

Environmental Remediation


In the past, many nuclear activities were developed without deep consideration of environmental issues. Operations took place without appropriate or effective environmental laws and regulations. In lack of good operating practices, contaminated sites have been created. Several contaminated sites have also been created by nuclear and radiological accidents.

Contaminated sites can ultimately lead to undesired health effects to the local people. Environmental remediation aims to reduce the radiation exposure from contamination of land areas or other contaminated media, such as surface- or groundwater.

IAEA’s Assistance to Member States

Countries need timely and accurate information on available remediation strategies and technologies, management options as well as guidance in dealing with non-technical factors, e.g., communication and stakeholder involvement. To resolve environmental liabilities and to avoid the generation of new contaminated sites, the IAEA's Waste Technology Section help its Member States to adopt appropriate practices. Read more on the forms of assistance.

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