Biodiversity loss

Ecosystems, and the biological diversity they incorporate, provide valuable services to humanity, yet expanding urban areas, agricultural activities and industry can have an impact on them. The IAEA conducts research and provides expertise on processes and stressors, such as pollution or climate change, which could result in biodiversity loss. 

  • Marine


    Coastal and marine environments can be tremendously biodiverse. Human activities, pollution, land use and development along coastlines, however, can put stress on these environments that may limit the rates of growth and reproduction of coastal flora and fauna. This can in turn reduce overall biodiversity.  Read more →

  • Forests

    Forests are extremely biodiverse environments that provide a habitat for many animal and plant species. The IAEA contributes to the protection of these valuable ecosystems by developing science-based solutions to monitor and track resources, for example by providing reference materials that can be used to source products such as timber.  Read more →

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