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Funding of the IAEA LEU Bank


The establishment and operation of the IAEA LEU Bank is fully funded through voluntary contributions, and has no impact on the IAEA’s regular budget or other activities. Donors have provided a total of US $150 million to establish the IAEA LEU Bank and operate it for at least 20 years.

The IAEA has received the following contributions for the IAEA LEU Bank:

  • Nuclear Threat Initiative: US $50 million
  • United States: US $49 million
  • European Union: up to €25 million (including a pledge of up to €5 million for security)
  • United Arab Emirates: US $10 million
  • Kuwait: US $10 million
  • Norway: US $5 million
  • Kazakhstan: US $400,000 plus in-kind contributions, including hosting of the IAEA LEU Bank

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