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Webinar Series on the Role of Government and Key Organizations in Nuclear Power Programme Development

Some 30 IAEA Member States are considering, planning or actively working to introduce nuclear power and establish the nuclear infrastructure required for a safe, secure and sustainable nuclear power programme. This webinar series aims to improve awareness and strengthen knowledge and understanding within Member States on the roles and responsibilities of the government and key organizations in developing a new nuclear power programme.

The IAEA Milestones Approach supports countries in creating an enabling environment for a successful nuclear power programme. It identifies three key organizations to be involved; each has a specific role to play, with responsibilities evolving as programme development advances:

  • the government/nuclear energy programme implementing organization (NEPIO).
  • the regulatory body.
  • the future owner-operator of the nuclear power plants.

Participation in the webinars is free of charge and open to all. The webinars will feature IAEA and Member State expert speakers who will present a diversity of experience on the roles of key organizations in developing new nuclear power programmes.

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