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Experiences of Member States in Building Regulatory Framework for the Oversight of New Nuclear Power Plants

Webinar Series on the Role of Government and Key Organizations in Nuclear Power Programme Development

Date and time

Wednesday, 17 February 2021
14:00–15:30 CET

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The final webinar in this series will focus on the coming IAEA TECDOC publication and address the experience of developing regulatory framework for countries initiating a new or expanding an existing nuclear power programme and show how the regulatory framework evolve with time throughout the phases of the IAEA Milestones Approach.

Expert speakers from IAEA Member States will share their experiences in in the area of building and implementing a national regulatory framework for the nuclear power programme.

By attending this webinar, participants will:

  • Gain a general understanding of the necessary regulatory framework for the oversight of a new nuclear power project;
  • Learn experience from Member States having developed and implemented their regulatory framework for the oversight of a new nuclear power plant; and
  • Increase awareness of the complementarity of the IAEA support for the development of the such regulatory framework needed for a nuclear power programme.


Mr Mehmet Ceyhan and Mr Zia Shah, IAEA
Mr Christer Viktorsson, Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulations, UAE
Mr Serhat Alten, Head, Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Turkey
Mr Naveed Maqbul, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Pakistan


Nadya Kurova-Chernavina, IAEA

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