Mission calendar

Mission Title Location Date Report
OSART Mission to Almaraz Spain February 2018
IRRS Mission to Georgia Georgia February 2018
SALTO Mission to Ringhals 3 and 4 Sweden February 2018
EPREV Mission to Belarus Belarus March 2018
Pre-operational OSART Mission to Olkiluoto 3 Finland March 2018
OSART Mission to Loviisa Finland March 2018
IRRS Mission to Moldova Republic of Moldova April 2018*
Pre-SALTO Mission to South Ukraine 3 Ukraine April 2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to Angra 1 Brazil May 2018
OSART Follow-up Mission to Golfech France June 2018*
IRRS Mission to Luxembourg Luxembourg June 2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to Kozloduy 6 Bulgaria June 2018
IRRS Mission to Austria Austria June 2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to Koeberg South Africa September 2018
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Hungary Hungary September 2018*
OSART Mission to Bushehr Iran (Islamic Republic of) October 2018*
IRRS Mission to Spain Spain October 2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to Atucha 1 Argentina October 2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to Forsmark 1 and 2 Sweden November 2018
OSART Mission to Fangjiashan China November 2018*