Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Location Start Date Report
Pre-SALTO Mission to Oskarshamn 3 Sweden 28 November 2017 Download
IRRS Follow-Up Mission to Belgium Belgium 26 November 2017
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Greece Greece 19 November 2017 Download
AMRAS Mission to Vanuatu Vanuatu 15 November 2017
OSART Mission to Leningrad Russian Federation 13 November 2017 Download
Safety Review Mission on the review of ageing management, BR2 Research Reactor Belgium 6 November 2017
ORPAS Mission to Chile Chile 6 November 2017
EduTA Mission to Argentina Argentina 6 November 2017 Download
OSART Follow-up Mission to Borssele (2nd stage) Netherlands 6 November 2017
AMRAS Mission to Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam 6 November 2017
EPREV Mission to Slovenia Slovenia 5 November 2017
IPPAS Follow-up Mission to Australia Australia 30 October 2017
IRRS Mission to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 30 October 2017 Download
IRRS Mission to Botswana Botswana 15 October 2017 Download
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Jordan Jordan 14 October 2017 Download
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Romania Romania 9 October 2017 Download
IPPAS Mission to Lithuania Lithuania 9 October 2017
INSARR Mission to the JEEP II Research Reactor Norway 3 October 2017
OSART Mission to Bugey France 2 October 2017 Download
ARTEMIS Mission to Poland Poland 1 October 2017 Download


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