Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Lieu Start Date Rapport
AMRAS Mission to Rwanda Rwanda 28/05/2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to Angra 1 Brazil 02/05/2018
AMRAS Mission to Angola Angola 23/04/2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to South Ukraine 3 Ukraine 17/04/2018
INIR 1 Mission to Niger Niger 16/04/2018
AMRAS Mission to El Salvador El Salvador 09/04/2018
EduTA Mission to Tajikistan Tajikistan 09/04/2018
AMRAS Mission to Kuwait Kuwait 25/03/2018
IPPAS Follow-up Mission to France France 12/03/2018
AMRAS Mission to Benin Benin 06/03/2018
IPPAS Mission to Ecuador Ecuador 05/03/2018
OSART Mission to Loviisa Finland 05/03/2018
Pre-operational OSART Mission to Olkiluoto 3 Finland 05/03/2018
SALTO Mission to Ringhals 3 and 4 Sweden 27/02/2018
AMRAS Follow-up Mission to Uganda Uganda 19/02/2018
IRRS Mission to Georgia Georgia 19/02/2018
OSART Mission to Almaraz Spain 05/02/2018
ORPAS Mission to Panama Panama 05/02/2018
AMRAS Mission to Mozambique Mozambique 31/01/2018
IRRS Mission to Chile Chile 22/01/2018


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