Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Lieu Start Date Rapport
ORPAS Mission to Nicaragua Nicaragua 01/07/2019
Pre-operational OSART Mission to Flamanville 3 France 17/06/2019
EduTA Mission to Kenya Kenya 03/06/2019
EPREV Mission to Canada Canada 03/06/2019
OSART Follow-up Mission to Leningrad Russian Federation 20/05/2019
EduTA Mission to Zambia Zambia 13/05/2019 Download
OSART Follow-up Mission to Golfech France 13/05/2019
OSART Follow-up Mission to Sequoyah United States of America 08/04/2019
IRRS Mission to Germany Germany 01/04/2019 Download
AMRAS Follow-up Mission to Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 01/04/2019
ARTEMIS Mission to Estonia Estonia 24/03/2019
AMRAS Mission to Mauritania Mauritania 05/03/2019
SALTO Mission to Laguna Verde Mexico 05/03/2019
OSART Follow-up Mission to Cernavoda Romania 04/03/2019
AMRAS Mission to Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 04/03/2019
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Estonia Estonia 03/03/2019
AMRAS Mission to Bolivia Bolivia (Plurinational State of) 25/02/2019
AMRAS Mission to Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 11/02/2019
IPPAS Mission to Lebanon Lebanon 04/02/2019
TSR-SR of Egypt’s Safety Requirements Egypt 31/01/2019


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