Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title Lieu Start Date Rapport
AMRAS Mission to Chad Chad 26/11/2018
SEED Mission on Site Survey and Selection for a Nuclear Power Plant Kenya 26/11/2018
ORPAS Follow-up Mission to Tanzania United Republic of Tanzania 19/11/2018
IRRS Follow-up Mission to the Netherlands Netherlands 19/11/2018
IRRS Mission to Australia Australia 05/11/2018
ORPAS Mission to Indonesia Indonesia 04/11/2018
Pre-SALTO Mission to Atucha 1 Argentina 23/10/2018
ARTEMIS Mission to Spain Spain 14/10/2018
IRRS Mission to Spain Spain 14/10/2018
AMRAS Mission to Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 08/10/2018
ORPAS Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 07/10/2018
ARTEMIS Mission to Eletronuclear Brazil 01/10/2018
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Hungary Hungary 24/09/2018
ARTEMIS Mission to Luxembourg Luxembourg 24/09/2018 Download
OSART Follow-up Mission to Pickering Canada 17/09/2018
ORPAS Mission to the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 27/08/2018
AMRAS Follow up Mission to Uruguay Uruguay 27/08/2018
INIR 1 Mission to Sudan Sudan 27/08/2018
INIR 2 Mission to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 15/07/2018
IRRS Mission to Austria Austria 25/06/2018 Download


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