Peer Review and Advisory Services Calendar

Mission Title 地点 Start Date 报告
AMRAS Mission to Chad Chad 2018.11.26
ORPAS Follow-up Mission to Tanzania United Republic of Tanzania 2018.11.19
IRRS Follow-up Mission to the Netherlands Netherlands 2018.11.19
IRRS Mission to Australia Australia 2018.11.05
ORPAS Mission to Indonesia Indonesia 2018.11.04
Pre-SALTO Mission to Atucha 1 Argentina 2018.10.23
ARTEMIS Mission to Spain Spain 2018.10.14
IRRS Mission to Spain Spain 2018.10.14
AMRAS Mission to Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 2018.10.08
ORPAS Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018.10.07
ARTEMIS Mission to Eletronuclear Brazil 2018.10.01
IRRS Follow-up Mission to Hungary Hungary 2018.09.24
ARTEMIS Mission to Luxembourg Luxembourg 2018.09.24 Download
OSART Follow-up Mission to Pickering Canada 2018.09.17
ORPAS Mission to the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 2018.08.27
AMRAS Follow up Mission to Uruguay Uruguay 2018.08.27
INIR 1 Mission to Sudan Sudan 2018.08.27
INIR 2 Mission to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 2018.07.15
IRRS Mission to Austria Austria 2018.06.25 Download
INIR 3 Mission to United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 2018.06.24