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Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS+)

The Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS+) is a software application developed by the IAEA to assist Member States in managing their regulatory control programmes in accordance with IAEA Safety Standards, as well as  the IAEA Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources and its supplementary Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources and Guidance on the Management of Disused Radioactive Sources.

The tool helps countries implement regulatory processes for the control of radiation sources using an integrated management system, and to maintain a national register of radiation sources and other safety and security related records. It promotes a consistent and common approach to the control of radiation sources both nationally and worldwide, and facilitates the exchange of information among regulatory bodies, in particular for the import and export of radioactive sources.

RAIS+ can be customized depending on a Member State’s needs, accounting for the national legislative framework, administrative structure (e.g. federal, national, states/provinces, districts), and institutional and regulatory frameworks (e.g. single or multiple regulatory authority, department).

Countries can adapt the system to cover the whole lifecycle of radioactive sources and ensure cradle-to-grave regulatory control, with modules on: facilities; radiation sources and associated equipment; authorization, inspection and enforcement processes; radiological incidents and accidents; occupationally exposed persons and technical services (e.g. accreditation); and manufacturers and models of sources. Users can also run data consistency and data protection checks.

RAIS+ contains a translation tool and complies with all current computer security standards.

RAIS+, launched in 2023, has been developed based on user experiences and feedback on the previous versions of RAIS system, starting from the original first made available in the 1990s, as well as current requirements for managing regulatory control programmes, and categorization and security requirements for radioactive sources.

At the end of 2022, more than 100 countries were either using RAIS or assessing RAIS with a view to creating or managing their national register of radiation sources. The IAEA aims for all current and prospective RAIS users to switch to RAIS+ by the end of 2025.

The IAEA assists countries to implement and optimize their use of RAIS+ through remote assistance, expert missions and regional workshops, including presentations and training exercises, provided upon the Member State’s request.

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