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Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS)

The Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS) is a software application developed by the IAEA to assist Member States in managing their regulatory control programmes in accordance with IAEA Safety Standards and guides. This includes the IAEA Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources and its supplementary Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources.

RAIS promotes a consistent and common approach to the regulatory control of radiation sources while offering the flexibility to respond to the specific needs of Member States with respect to their national legislative frameworks, administrative structures and institutional and regulatory frameworks.

The main features of RAIS are the maintenance of registries and records of regulatory data, the management of regulatory information, and the management of regulatory activities.

The latest version of the system, RAIS 3.4 web, features improved information security and faster system operation.

RAIS is available in all official United Nations languages. RAIS 3.4 Web is also equipped with a translation mechanism, making it a multilingual application.

RAIS is a comprehensive system covering all of the main areas of the regulatory framework, including national regulatory infrastructure information, facilities and departments, radiation sources and associated equipment, authorization, inspection, enforcement, workers, radiation events, and technical services. The scope of RAIS can be expanded through use of the embedded customization tools to cover other areas of interest to the regulatory body.

RAIS offers extensive customization options to respond to the specific needs of Member States with respect to their national legislative and regulatory framework, including scope, interface controls such as menus and data filters, and background functionalities, such as data consistency checks and data protection.

More than 80 countries are regular users of RAIS. Nearly three quarters of the users have customized the system to meet their specific regulatory information needs.

The IAEA supports Member States in the implementation of RAIS through regional and national workshops, and by providing the necessary equipment and expertise when installing and customizing the system.

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