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Developing Partnerships

Stakeholder mapping and development of a database of contacts helps to identify supportive groups, organizations and businesses that can aid organizations as partners in reaching their goals.

Developing good relationships with such supporters can help when organizing meetings and other events, as they may be willing to speak in favour of proposals and thus demonstrate to undecided observers, and the media, that not everyone is opposed. Supporters may become partners by providing funds, expertise, support and other resources.

Supporters who engage in communication activities are often referred to as “multipliers.” They multiply the reach of communication and engagement activities by helping deliver messages through their own global, regional and national networks.

Possible partners can be found within many stakeholder groups, such as:

  • Pro-nuclear organisations
  • Doctors from hospital nuclear medicine departments
  • Employees of your own company or organization and your suppliers
  • Emergency planning officials
  • Business community
  • Universities
  • Teachers
  • Women’s groups
  • Suppliers of materials necessary for remediation or construction works
  • Etc.

However, the same groups may also contain individuals opposed to nuclear, so use caution in soliciting support to avoid difficulties.

If a project is based in one or more specific communities, developing local partners and support groups can help provide a "presence" in the community beyond the organization, and help demonstrate local acceptability.

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