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Organizational Management

The importance of a communication strategy and implementation plan cannot be overemphasized, but it is not achievable without the necessary human and financial resources needed for implementation.

Human Resources: It is vital to identify and, if necessary, train suitable staff members to serve as the ‘face’ of your communication effort. Efforts must be taken to allocate the roles within your communication plan to the relevant individuals, and to determine responsibilities for managing various activities.

Budgets: One of the most important components of an implementation plan is understanding the levels of funding required to carry it out. Poor appreciation and management of budgets can lead to unexpected delays and postponement of key activities, with an associated loss of stakeholder trust and confidence.

Outsourcing: It may be unlikely to undertake all aspects of a communication plan using existing staff, many of whom in nuclear organizations tend to come from scientific and technical backgrounds. It will therefore be necessary to contract external communication experts to carry out many of the required functions. When doing this, be aware of the issues involved in effective communication as detailed in this toolbox. This enables you to act as an ‘intelligent customer,’ one able to manage non-technical professionals from a position of knowledge.

Contact Database: The success of a communication effort will depend as much on the quality of the documentation and presentations as on staff ability to communicate with the right people, which should be based on comprehensive stakeholder mapping [LINK] and recording of their interests and influences. This requires identifying a dedicated database staff person and the development of well-managed lists and databases of all accumulated information.

Developing PartnershipsDuring stakeholder mapping and the development of a database of contacts, it is probable that supportive groups, organisations, or businesses will be identified that can aid in reaching goals by providing funds, expertise, support, or other resources.

Spokespeople: Organizations must choose individuals to represent and discuss nuclear science and technology topics. Communicators such as media representatives, facilitators, champions and ambassadors play important roles in implementing a communication programme.

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