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Nuclear Communicator's Toolbox

Nuclear Communicator's Toolbox

The Nuclear Communicator’s Toolbox has been designed for scientists, engineers and communication professionals who work in the field of nuclear science and technology applications or regulate their safe and secure use. It offers tools to support effective communication on the benefits and risks associated with the use of nuclear technologies. This resource is intended for a variety of nuclear programmes and nuclear activities, including the use of radioactive sources in medicine or industry as well as more complex nuclear fuel cycle activities. Meaningful communication about nuclear matters fosters understanding and demonstrates how science supports society worldwide.

The Toolbox consists of four main sections:

This section offers communication principles and explanations on the benefits and goals of educational outreach efforts

These pages provide detailed steps to establish effective communication programmes

This content reviews tips and proven practices relevant to the means of communication and the channels frequently used to reach different audiences

This section provides links to additional resources on fundamental issues related to nuclear science and technology

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