Nuclear Security: Commitments and Actions

Vol. 57-4

December 2016

This edition of the IAEA Bulletin hightlights the different areas of security where the IAEA's work is making a real difference. 

Nuclear security: a global response to a global threat

Improving security of Kazakhstan’s natural uranium

Nuclear security at Zimbabwe’s borders

The deterrent effect of nuclear forensics: the case of Hungary

How the United Kingdom seeks to enhance nuclear security with the help of IPPAS

Security culture: one for all, and all for one

Nuclear security and industry in Viet Nam

Guns, guards, gates and geeks: Romania strengthens computer security at nuclear installations

Nuclear security of Cuba’s medical facilities

Pakistan’s national Centre of Excellence contributes to sustaining nuclear security

How to improve nuclear security worldwide: Three young women win IAEA essay contest

Nuclear security from cradle to grave

US $1 million donation to boost IAEA efforts on child nutrition

Iraq uses nuclear technology to improve crop productivity and adapt to climate change¬

New mobile App to help doctors evaluate cancer in women

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