Energising the Future

Vol. 46-1

June 2004

In a context where 1.5 billion people don’t have access to electricity, while energy needs continually increase, the June 2004 IAEA Bulletin edition focuses on energy-generating nuclear power. Articles also report on matters surrounding nuclear energy, such as waste management, nuclear education, the public opinion, innovation, safety, security, and illicit trafficking. Jacques Baute, Director of the IAEA’s Iraq Nuclear Verification Office, and Hans Blix, former Director General of the IAEA and United Nations’ chief weapons inspector from 2000 to 2003, give their views of the nuclear inspections that took place in Iraq prior to the second Gulf War.

Too cheap to meter what?

Nuclear power: An evolving scenario

Power to the people: The world outlook for electricity investment

Double or quits?: The global future of civil nuclear energy

Passing the torch: ANENT- The Asian network for education in nuclear technology

China's challenging fast track

Energising Africa

View from Japan: Bridging the transition to a safe and secure energy future

Nuclear snapshots: Perceptions of energy needs drive public opinion on the USA's nuclear future

New accents on nuclear energy: Nuclear energy among choices facing the bigger EU

In black and white: Media's role in shaping public opinion

The continuing quest: managing nuclear waste goes far beyond the science

Down to earth and below: Sweden's plans for nuclear waste

Nuclear's second wind: innovative 'fast' nuclear power plants may be a strategic imperative

Fuelling innovation: Countries look to the next generation of nuclear power

South Africa's nuclear model: A small and innovative reactor is seen as the model for new electricity plants. The project is nearing the starting blocks

Safety for all: The new INSAG

Illicit nuclear trafficking and the new agenda

Hot spots, weak links: Strengthening nuclear security in a changing world

Return to sender: Upgrading the safety and security of research reactors

Timeline Iraq: Challenges and lessons learned from nuclear inspections

Seeking the truth: Hans Blix speaks to CNN's Christiane Amanpour on disarming Iraq

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