Nuclear Security & Safeguards

Vol. 43-4

December 2001

The December 2001 IAEA Bulletin edition focuses on nuclear safeguards and security. It contains an overview of the 2001 IAEA Symposium on International Safeguards and reports on the new, strengthened safeguards. It also includes articles on nuclear material security, and notably a summary of the International Conference on the Security of Material in Stockholm. Nuclear theft, sabotage, and nuclear material in the Newly Independent States are addressed in this Bulletin issue. Fighting the trans-boundary threat of nuclear terrorism requires transcending sovereignty. This edition also contains a report on the Trilateral Initiative, where the IAEA verifies weapon-origin material in the Russian Federation and the United States. 

Safeguards Symposium

Strengthened Safeguards

Security of Material

Stockholm Conference

Nuclear Theft & Sabotage

Experience & Challenges

Nuclear Material in the NIS

Transcending Sovereignty

Security of Radioactive Sources

Report on the Trilateral Initiative

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