Protecting the Earth

Vol. 39-1

March 1997

The March 1997 IAEA Bulletin edition focuses on the impact of nuclear energy on the environment. Many nuclear technology applications promoted by the IAEA foster sustainable development and help study environmental threats. The Agency supports Member States manage radioactive waste disposal and strengthen their national capabilities for radioactive and waste safety; it has recently revised its advisory Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material. Featured articles also report on the effects of radiation on animals, plants, and the marine environment. This edition also includes an issue of Inside Technical Co-operation, which covers several of the current IAEA’s Technical Cooperation projects.

Technical Co-operation

Good signs for sustainable development: Nuclear energy's contributions

Marine science: Joining forces for the environment

Radiation & the environment: Assessing effects on plants and animals

Radiological assessment: Waste disposal in the Arctic Seas

Radiation and waste safety: Strengthening national capabilities

Radioactive waste disposal: Global experience and challenges

Safe transport of radioactive material: Revised international regulations

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