The Egyptian cancer project

Vol. 26-1

March 1984

A group of specialists in radiotherapy from many countries met in New York in 1972 to discuss the problem of radiotherapy of cancer of the cervix in developing countries. With financial assistance from the Italian Government and the support of IAEA and WHO a pilot project on the radiotherapy of cervix cancer was started in a group of hospitals in Cairo

Nuclear power in developing countries

Technical co-operation for nuclear safety in developing countries

Drawing lessons from experience in technical co-operation

The Egyptian cancer project

RCA activities in the Asian and Pacific Region

Towards a regional co-ordinated programme in Latin America

North-South and South-South co-operation

Reliability engineering

Legal framework and regulatory provisions for nuclear activities Description:

Radiation protection in mining and milling of radioactive ores Description:

Transport of radioactive materials by post Description:

Food irradiation in Latin American countries Description:

Spent fuel management today Description:

Nuclear safety standards for quality assurance

Safety in nuclear power plant operation Description:

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