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Development of Novel Adsorbents and Membranes by Radiation Induced Grafting for Selective Separation in Environmental and Industrial Applications

English STI/PUB/1572 978-92-0-134010-8
278 285 18.00 2012

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This publication summarizes the results of a coordinated research project on the development of novel adsorbents and membranes by radiation-induced grafting for selective separation purposes. Radiation-induced grafting is a technique that uses readily available, low cost synthetic and natural polymers to prepare novel materials for use where the requirements for bulk properties and surface properties cannot be readily met using a single polymeric material. The objective of the coordinated research project was to use gamma rays, electron beams and swift heavy ions to graft various monomers onto natural and synthetic polymers for the development of novel adsorbents and membranes for environmental and industrial applications. The publication provides a summary of the project results and includes reports by the participants.

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