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Radiation Oncology Physics

A Handbook for Teachers and Students

Non-serial Publications

English STI/PUB/1 ¦ 92-0-107304-6

657 pages ¦ 137 figures ¦ € 65.00 ¦ Date published: 2005

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This publication is aimed at students and teachers involved in programmes that train professionals for work in radiation oncology. It provides a comprehensive overview of the basic medical physics knowledge required in the form of a syllabus for modern radiation oncology. It will be particularly useful to graduate students and residents in medical physics programmes, to residents in radiation oncology, as well as to students in dosimetry and radiotherapy technology programmes. It will assist those preparing for their professional certification examinations in radiation oncology, medical physics, dosimetry or radiotherapy technology. It has been endorsed by several international and national organizations, and the material presented has already been used to define the level of knowledge expected of medical physicists worldwide.

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Medical Physics, Dosimetry, Radiation, Dosimeters, Dosage, Radiotherapy, Photon Beams, Radioisotope Scanning, Biological Radiation Effects, Leading Abstracts, Neoplasms, Radiation Doses, Radiobiology, Radiological Personnel, Radiotherapy, Side Effects, Technology Transfer, Technology Utilization, Radiation Oncology, Radiation Therapy, Therapeutic Radiology, Technology Programmes, Electrons, Bohr Model, Kerma, Ionization, Dosimetry Systems, Luminescence, External Beam, Survey Meters, X Ray Beams, Monitoring, Teletherapy, Linac, Shielding, Central Axis Depth, Acceptance Tests, Commissioning, Quality Assurance, Equipment, Brachytherapy, Clinical, Dose Distributions, Radiation Damage, Safety Measures, Public Exposure

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