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The Radiological Accident in Yanango

English STI/PUB/1101 92-0-101500-3
41 1 14.50 2000

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In February 1999 a serious radiological accident occurred in Yanango, Peru, when a welder picked up an 192Ir industrial radiography source and put it in his pocket for several hours. This action resulted in his receiving a high radiation dose that necessitated the amputation of one leg. His wife and children were also exposed, but to a much less extent. The purpose of this report is to provide an account of the circumstances of the accident and its medical aspects.
Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Background information on the circumstances of the accident; 3. The accident; 4. The emergency response; 5. Medical treatment of the patient; 6. Dosimetric analysis; 7. Findings, conclusions and lessons to be learned.

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