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The Radiological Accident in Lilo

Non-serial Publications

English STI/PUB/1097 ¦ 92-0-101300-0

103 pages ¦ 39 figures ¦ € 27.00 ¦ Date published: 2000

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The radiological accident described in this report took place in Lilo, Georgia, when sealed radiation sources were abandoned by a previous owner at a site without following established regulatory safety procedures. As a consequence, 11 individuals at the site were exposed for a long period of time to high doses of radiation which resulted inter alia in severe radiation induced skin injuries. The present report, which is co-sponsored by the World Health Organization, provides information on the medical management of radiation induced skin injuries as well as a comprehensive report on the circumstances and details of the accident and the lessons to be learned.
Contents: Executive summary; 1. Introduction; 2. Background information; 3. Chronology of the accident; 4. Recovery of sources; 5. Co-operation between the WHO and the IAEA; 6. IAEA mission; 7. Biological dosimetry; 8. Overview of the medical aspects; 9. Primary medical assessment of the patients by local physicians in Georgia; 10. Diagnosis and treatment in specialized hospitals in France and Germany; 11. Pathophysical considerations regarding the development of clinical signs and symptoms; 12. Treatment of four patients with recurrent skin ulcers in a specialized hospital in the Russian Federation; 13. Conclusions drawn from the medical management of the patients; 14. Recommendations on the follow-up of the patients; 15. Conclusions and lessons to be learned; Annex I: Status of the Georgian patients in August 1999; Annex II: WHO collaborating centres and liaison institutions within REMPAN.

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