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Application of the Concept of Clearance

IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GSG-18
General Safety Guides

English STI/PUB/2058 ¦ 978-92-0-131223-5

127 pages ¦ 7 figures ¦ € 64.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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Providing recommendations on the application of the concept of clearance for materials, objects and buildings that are to be released from regulatory control, this publication supports the application of the relevant requirements of IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GSR Part 3. It includes detail on the regulatory framework for clearance; the clearance process; the derivation of clearance levels; the application of clearance to solid materials, liquids and gases; generic clearance and specific clearance using activity concentration and surface contamination clearance levels. It also provides recommendations on the involvement of interested parties. Written for governmental officials, and those working for regulatory bodies and operating organizations, this publication will also be of interest to technical service providers in radiation protection. The recommendations provided are applicable to facilities that use, manufacture, process or store radioactive material, such as nuclear power plants, research reactors, other nuclear fuel cycle facilities, facilities for the management of radioactive waste, industrial plants, medical facilities, research facilities, educational facilities and accelerators. The recommendations in this publication also apply to industries processing materials containing radionuclides of natural origin and to the management of material originating from remediation activities or from post- emergency situations.

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IAEA Safety Standards, Application, Concept of Clearance, Radioactive Substances, Safety Regulations, Safety Measures, Radiation Sources, Regulatory Framework, Concept of Exclusion, Generic Clearance Criteria, Responsibilities, General Aspects of Clearance, Overall Process, Management, Recommendations, Solid Material, Activity Concentration, Surface Contamination Clearance Levels, Measurements, Averaging Masses, Implementation of Clearance Measurements, Uncertainties, Mixing, Dilution, Clearance of Liquids, Gases, Application of Specific Clearance, Public Understanding, Dosimetric Models, Derivation of Radionuclide, Regulatory Control, Small Medical Facilities, National Approach, Clearance of Scrap Metal, Screening Method, Accident, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, Derivation of Clearance Levels, Applied Conservatism, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities, Accelerators, Remediation Activities, Post-Emergency Situations, Review

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